I celebrate Easter and the subsequent season in my own special ways.
By Hannah Wallace

As if the usual pagan fertility rites and Peeps weren’t sacrilegious enough, CCB and I forewent the traditional Easter egg hunt Sunday to hide and hunt for beers around the house. I suppose I should be trying harder not to look like a hillbilly, but I’m having too much fun to care.


Where did the Easter bunny hide that beer?


In the oven, of course.


Is CCB hunting the beer, or is the beer hunting CCB?


If it were a snake...


We also fixed mimosas using oranges picked right off our very own tree, and then we barbecued dinner. An Easter Sunday spent under the sun. I need more weekends like this.


Our mimosas mis en place.



Unsuccessful after standard procedure, CCB attempts to open the champagne using a technique that I do not endorse.



Does it get any better?


I have to say, I do miss being able to hang around downtown Sarasota whenever the mood strikes. We’ve found few replacements in Bradenton. Fortunately, one of our new hangouts is our back yard, so I can’t really complain.
Home life right now is a combination of playing house—pretending to be a grownup—and running around like an unsupervised child. On the one hand, there’s this odd compulsion to keep things clean, mow the lawn and prepare healthy meals that we eat at the dinner table. On the other hand, we play paddleball in the rain (or in the house), watch TV until 3 a.m. on weekends, and our dinner table’s not available for dinner as it’s currently covered in puzzle pieces.
Anyway, good thing I took advantage of the downtime when I could; the weeks ahead look busy indeed. Someone’s failed attempt at a women’s hockey tournament this coming weekend netted only one team—a “novice” side from Ontario (the equivalent, as CCB said, of a Florida A team). Always eager for ice time no matter the consequences, the Ms. Conduct gals have been recruited as food for fodder in a couple of scrimmages Friday and Sunday. In between, we’ll be up in Tampa playing a “Rink of Dreams” game in the St. Pete Times Forum before the Lightning game on Saturday. I’ll post some behind-the-scenes photos of the Forum—Lightning locker rooms and benches and whatnot—as long as I remember to bring my camera with me.
Next week, CCB and I have to organize a yard sale—both to clear our garage of detritus and to collect funds for our late-April trip to Vegas. (Much more to come about that.) Cheers to the delinquent who got the cleaning project started last week by stealing our bikes. Thanks for leaving the considerably more valuable golf clubs and hockey sticks so we can beat the snot out of you on your return.

And I just got an extremely flattering invitation to help with Planned Parenthood’s Safe Sex event, taking place in the fall. Maybe I can be a proper gala-planning Sarasotan after all. Perhaps the planning committee would be interested in a Safe Sex condom hunt. No? Oh, well.


CCB and I at a recent Planned Parenthood event.