Looking back at a busy weekend and forward to another.
By Hannah Wallace
Another whirlwind hockey weekend. Our scrimmage with the Canadian team Friday, then Rink of Dreams and the Lightning game Saturday, then more hockey and my own stupidity Sunday—it’s all a blur of action verbs. Starting after work Friday, gerund-by-gerund, it went something like this:
Driving up to Brandon; surprising ourselves with a win against Ottawanians; watching the game tape; sleeping in.

Driving to Tampa; waiting around; getting dressed in the Tampa Bay Storm locker room; seeing the Forum’s 20,000 (empty) seats from the blue line while they play the national anthem just for us. Playing; losing my breath; losing my temper; losing my temper again; losing.

Getting situated in the Forum prior to the game.


Awaiting the national anthem.



Hydrating between shifts.


Showering; leaving the locker rooms as the Lightning players come in; seeing Vinny Lecavalier signing autographs.



Vinny! That's his head, I swear!


Eating with 20 teammates and 40 of our closest friends; upsetting restaurant patrons; cheering for waiters bringing beer; cheering for restaurant patrons leaving the restaurant.

Watching the Lightning play on the same ice that’s still melting off our own uniforms; getting hit with peanuts thrown by Captain Beerslinger; celebrating a win.


Looking at the ice from a decidedly different angle during the Lightning game.

Losing CCB’s coworker in downtown Tampa; finding him; driving home; setting my alarm clock for 8 p.m.
Sleeping in; missing our 10 a.m. game.
Driving to Ellenton; realizing I forgot my gear; driving home; driving back. Winning a game; realizing we have yet another game; realizing CCB forgot his gear; driving home; driving back. Scrimmaging; eating; sleeping a lot.
Which pretty much brings us back into the work week. Odd when Monday feels like a respite.
More good news from the weekend: Among all the cool chicks playing on Saturday was the co-owner of Jake’s Downtown (www.jakesdowntown.com), the new Life is Good store on Main Street. Buy something there in April and mention Ms. Conduct and a percentage of the sale goes to our team fund to help keep us all out of debtors’ prison. Seriously, it’s an incredible gesture and much appreciated. Cheers, ladies!
Now, after all that hockey, CCB and I have to air out our gear in a hurry so it doesn’t scare anyone away from our garage sale Saturday morning. So long as we make back the $20 we spent on an ad with the Bradenton Herald—and get rid of a bunch of stuff in the process—it’ll be a success. We’ll have to put up signs on Cortez to steer the Red Barn traffic our way.
Actually, no, wait, that sounds scary.
That afternoon we’ll head into Sarasota to catch Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent in When Did You Last See Your Father? at the Sarasota Film Festival. Even though Sarasota Magazine published the film fest’s program, I didn’t see it until we got the shipment Monday (because I’m just that important to the editorial process). Good thing, though: There are so many tempting films, I would’ve been hard pressed to choose an affordable number to see. We’re also seeing a documentary about William Castle next Monday, but I could’ve easily bought tickets for 15 more films on the docket.
Huh, and I just realized that since I don’t have hockey practice on Friday, I can finally go see Doubt at the Asolo. Yep, next Monday will be here before I know it.