Guess what—I heard from the people whose artifacts were in our attic!
By Hannah Wallace
Wow, that happened fast. I posted my Leetzow account a week ago Friday; Monday I had a comment from Sanford attorney Michael Leetzow; and on Wednesday evening Michael’s sister jetted over from One Sarasota Tower to pick up the boxes. Alas, if only Aaron Sorkin were so responsive to my blogs…
The boxes went with just the slightest tug at my heartstrings, if just for that one evening we spent immersed in an exploration so temporally distant and yet geographically close. I consider that a pretty successful blog, too, to draw connections from my own stuffy Saturday night on the couch to so many people for so many reasons—seems like everybody knows a Leetzow…or is one—Bradentonians past and present. But as much as CCB and I found in the boxes, I smile to think of what the three Leetzow generations will uncover.
My life continues to branch out and weave back into itself in other ways, too: I just found out that the Englishman on my culturally diverse indoor soccer team is a classmate and friend of local playwright Jenny Beres, whom I interviewed not too long ago. He made the connection when he searched for her and discovered this blog. “I didn’t know at first that it was that Hannah,” he said. Sports are so great for bringing different kinds of people together; sometimes you forget how much you might have in common with your teammates.
Anyway, in the few conversations I’ve had with the both of them, they seem like plenty cool 20-somethings. There’s two more invitees for the Kegtacular list (whether they like it or not).
Heh, I just flashed on Capote’s Christmas Memory, where the cousins in remote Alabama make fruitcakes and send them to Borneo missionaries and President Roosevelt. I mean, you never know who’ll come to your party unless you ask, right? That’s it: Virginia Toulmin’s going on the Kegtacular list, too. And Ulla Searing. I’ll bet she’s killer at beer pong.