Photos from my mother's first ever hockey practice.

By Hannah Wallace (photos by CCB)


For her first trick, Ma tries a warm-up skate across the ice.


She checks the ice: Yep, solid.


She checks the boards: Also solid.


Coach Mike and I (in the white helmet) give her some encouragement.


Captain Beerslinger gives pointers during some skating drills.


I check in on her before joining my teammates.


Coach Mike and Mrs. Harrible watch me try to corral a bouncy puck.


Cones, of course, are a big part of any practice.


During a shooting drill, I treat the goalie to a little head-hunting.


Captain Beerslinger and I take a breather.



Ma and Captain Beerslinger practice their puckhandling.


In between drills, there's time for a little mother/daughter game of catch.


Cheers, Ma, you made me proud. Next practice: dropping the gloves.