With the social season already underway, we kick off hockey season in Ellenton this weekend.
By Hannah Wallace
Ye gads, I can breathe again!
I keep getting like this—every time there’s a change in weather, I basically break down weeping with happiness. Spring warmth? A loving kiss from heaven. June humidity? An angelic sweaty glow. Hurricanes? A joyous mosh with Mother Nature herself.
So I suppose it’s not very credible, but I’m once again filled with the feeling of imminent climate Nirvana. It’s a beautiful autumn out there…and the pace of life is picking back up after a meandering summer.
Most of it’s hockey, which seems to have emerged from a summer hibernation just like everything else. Just as the Lightning host their first regular season home game this coming weekend, Ms. Conduct are hosting this season’s first Florida Women’s Hockey League tournament—which means we’ve been busy busy making schedules and locating materials and gathering raffle prizes (cheers to Mattison’s and Poblano’s for giving us gift certificates to raffle off). Come Friday we’ll finally get to play in the damn thing instead of just organize it.

(Interesting side note: The owner of Poblano’s learned to play ice hockey in Mexico and southern Texas. He was more than sympathetic to funding a women’s team in a non-traditional hockey area.)

Added bonus! I got together with some of the folks at Girls Inc., and they’re bringing a group of girls out to see our 7 p.m. game Friday evening. I gotta tell you guys, I’m psyched about it. I finally feel like I’ve contributed something special to a community organization. I’ve always loved that Girls Inc. promotes sports along with its academic and social empowerment programs for young women, and how often do they get to see recreational athletic opportunities for adult women, much less ice hockey?
Before the game, we’ll be giving them an equipment demonstration, showing them the locker rooms and introducing them to the team: 25 women, ages 21 to over 50, truck drivers, school teachers, computer programmers, business consultants, paralegals, physicians and more—all of them hockey players. I like to think we’ll make a good impression.
I think something like this would have meant a great deal to my adolescent tomboy self, anyway. And I suppose that’s always part of the motivation to reach out to kids organizations, to address your own childhood.
Plus, let’s face it, it’s always cool to have fans. In fact, anybody else interested in coming is more than welcome—it’s free, obviously. And if you don’t have tickets to the Lightning/Hurricanes game Saturday night, well, this is…going to be almost nothing like that—but at least it’s still hockey! And hey, the Ellenton Ice snack bar serves beer now!