Our holiday party was a success!
By Hannah Wallace
I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic holiday season thus far. Ours got a great kickoff with our Chrappy Christmas party Friday night. There was a fantastic turnout—about 25 people, predominantly hockey players, as well as other great friends. Lively conversation and livelier roughhousing. Here’s a rundown:
The inflatable penguin was molested. (I…don’t know why I was surprised.)

CCB wound up with mustard in his pants.

Krazy Kevin, Lefty and CCB show their love. 


I can’t believe they ate the bologna. We put out a culinary spread that was half legitimate snack food and half tacky seasonal fare. The strips of bologna, rolled into cylinders and pierced with decorative toothpicks were part of the latter. (They also took down half a cheese ball, and someone even ate part of the generic Hillshire Farms “garlic sausage product.”)
The fruitcake did not get eaten. You gotta wonder what that says, when our guests devoured an entire package of Oscar Myer’s finest and didn’t even touch the fruitcake.

I found a wasabi pea on the floor in the bathroom. And a grape. Come to think of it, that sausage may have been used as a projectile instead of a food product.

The aftermath: A dirty mustard bottle and half a cheese ball (in ceramic Santa's pants).


Three people crashed at our place, and all of them were in their 40s! I’m not sure what that says about us, actually, but I don’t think I can use it as an argument for our maturity.
And yes, Mr. Chatterbox himself made an appearance! Next year, Marjorie North is coming. Of course, Mr. Chatterbox, aka Bob Plunket, is our landlord. So when Mr. Harrible got a little cavalier with his new Jeep and parked it smack dab in the middle of the front yard, we decided to tell Bob that that was simply the vehicle we were auctioning off for the event’s big fund raiser.
So now that we got that out of our system, the rest of the holiday celebrations can proceed as planned, including Christmas morning at the parents’ house and Christmas dinner at Mattison’s Riverside. (First time we’ve gone out to eat on the 25th, but lord knows Ma’s earned the break from the kitchen.) Then it’s up to Huntsville to visit with the CCBs and back down here for a chill New Year’s Eve at home in front of the tube.
Here’s wishing you fantastic holidays! Check back here and share your favorite (or craziest) experiences in the comments below; I’ll see if anything my family does can top them (unless they pay me not to tell). See you in 2009!