Sometimes in life, random is the only pattern.
By Hannah Wallace
Times like these, I don’t feel guilty not picking a blog topic. I mean, look at some of the things I’ve recently encountered that cannot—nay should not—be forced into broader categories. Besides, I need a regular repository for stuff like this. Ladies and gentlemen, my random life:
Press Releases. Direct TV just offered me media credentials for their “Celebrity Beach Bowl” in St. Pete Super Bowl weekend. Mario Lopez and three Kardashians playing flag football. I…ok, y’know, I might have to see that.
The menu for Suds, the new (finally) sports-and-wings restaurant at Ellenton Ice and Sports. Get the hummus sampler for starters, then homemade lasagna or the coconut shrimp, and finish up with the funnel cake fries. (It’s all good, too!)
Our Honduran neighbors taking timeouts from pounding samba beats to blast Van Halen’s “Jump” from their backyard speakers.

Mr. and Mrs. Harribles’ kid (The Boy) participating on the “ice crew,” shoveling snow during TV timeouts at the Lightning game last week. He greeted us after his first-period duties shouting, “I got to scrape up blood!”




CCB’s observations while watching the Lightning warm-up from the zam driveway.

CCB: I never realized how much Vinny Lecavalier looks like me.

ME: Uh, yeah, me neither.
Marty St. Louis and I, on the other hand, are exactly alike. We wear the same skate size. Y’know, in case he’s wondering what to get me for my birthday.


This picture.

Monday dinner plans with my parents. We’ll be cooking crab Rangoon, sampling my first ever batch of home-brewed IPA and watching Wall-E. Because that’s how we roll.
Our weekly athletic schedule: hockey on Sundays; Monday flag football with the Harribles at MVP Sports (formerly Big Kick in Ellenton); Tuesday is CCB’s roller hockey at the Police Athletic League in Bradenton; Thursdays and Fridays kickball with Rock Star Kim at Bee Ridge Park. Now I just need to sign up for Wednesday jai-alai and Saturday water polo, and I’m all set.

Friday is National Pie Day. You can find me at Yoder’s. Bring insulin.