Because my weekends are that exciting.
By Hannah Wallace
Ok, I’m trying something new here. My Monday Morning Rundown: what happened over the weekend and what I’m looking forward to in the coming week. For my part, I’ll get to relate unrelated details of my life without trying to tie them together under a single blog topic. Which hopefully means that you, dear reader, will no longer endure my forced attempts to wax philosophic about how, say, black-tie galas relate to my bouts of road rage. Consider this my gift to you.
This weekend: CCB and I stayed in on Friday night and rested up for our Saturday camping trip with the Harribles at the Peace River Campground in (near?) Arcadia. A great site on the river, some fire-roasted weenies and, of course, s’mores. It helps to get away from the TV and spend your evening focused on a campfire instead.
This week: Tonight, it’s either indoor soccer at Big Kick or a bicycling trip to the Cortez Publix to fetch groceries. (Or, should my parents call, as they often do on their traditional Monday nights off, CCB and I will drop everything to go with them to Lee Roy Selmon’s.) Tomorrow Copy Editor Megan and I are going to the Goodwill Fat Tuesday party at Michael’s On East (while CCB plays roller hockey at Bradenton’s Police Athletic League); Wednesday CCB and I are determined to see Asolo Rep’s The Imaginary Invalid before it closes, even if we have to stand in the back of the orchestra (Ma says it’s been selling pretty well). Friday is kickball at Bee Ridge Park—our Sarasota Herald-Tribune-based team, the SH-T Kickers, is undefeated—followed by a late-night hockey practice. (Rumor has it, hockey fan C.T. from Mix 100.7’s “Nancy and Chris in the Morning” show will be skating with us.) Saturday is the black-tie Asolo gala, where my father will be honored.
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That’s it for me. What’s up with ya’ll this week?