Tuxes and Bucs galore, and rocking out to Kenny Rogers.
By Hannah Wallace
Good lord—I’ve been at work an hour and already had to turn down two invitations to events because it’s such a busy week.
UCP’s famous chocolate event kicks off Wednesday at Michael’s On East. There’s not much that could get me to turn down chocolate and alcohol, but I’m happily headed to a private chat with Mr. Lee Roy Selmon Wednesday afternoon—brisket and an NFL Hall of Famer does indeed top martinis and chocolate mousse.

There’s also apparently an Asolo Rep brunch Sunday morning, but I’ll be bopping from the Jake’s Downtown special sale (Jake’s superchicks Karen and Andrea just acquired the Life is Good store in Naples, and they’re hosting a sale at their home to clear out some of the non-L.i.G. merchandise) to a Ms. Conduct meeting in Ellenton, followed by the usual mass-hockeyness Sunday afternoon.

Oh, AND I scored tickets to Saturday's "Club Forty" event for Forty Carrots. I'm really excited, but I need fashion help--what should I wear? And how should I dress CCB? More on that later this week. 

It’s not like last week was slow, either. Goodwill’s Fat Tuesday party was a riot—and I scored my first ever silent auction win! Two Lightning tickets (section 106), four Bucs preseason tickets on the 50 yard line, plus an AMF bowling pass and some restaurant gift certificates, all for $500.
Saturday night’s Asolo Rep gala at the Hyatt was mighty nice, too. My dad got all gussied up in a tux to be named to the Asolo Ambassador Society. But after an amazing filet mignon, we skipped out on dessert and went to the Sports Page instead—still wearing our fancy gala attire (Dad had his ambassador’s medal on and everything).

Sunday morning, CCB and I contributed to Goodwill in a different way: My brother-in-law, Captain Slack, just sent us his old turntable, so CCB and I went to the Bradenton Goodwill to sift through their vinyls. Foregoing the pile of Christmas collections, seven different copies of The Sound of Music and about a gazillion Barbara Streisand albums, we picked out a variety of classical hits, a couple of Gershwin compilations, a rock collection with the hockey-appropriate title Power Play (featuring Blondie, Pat Benatar and Journey) and Kenny Rogers’ Ten Years of Gold—“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” rocks hard core. I am not ashamed.

That being said, anyone know of any good record stores in the area?

"I got up so tight I couldn't unwind, / I saw so much, I broke my mind."