After a hectic week away, my desk doesn’t look so bad.
By Hannah Wallace
I’m back! Apologies for the blackout blog period last week. CCB and I joined his parents, brothers, sisters-in-law and all their little Cheetah Clubbers in Orlando, so I spent the week at the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom again, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM—when did that name change happen?). And as if that weren’t busy enough, we went immediately from the Tower of Terror Friday to a hockey tournament in Brandon, where a mob of Canadians made our Revolution team look like Bambi On Ice. Poor Harm-o the Goalie is still twitching and hearing French in his sleep.
Keeping that pattern going, we had a great view of the Lightning losing Saturday night. (Still, those lower-level tickets from Goodwill’s Fat Tuesday silent auction were well worth it.) And the cherry on top of that crappy hockey sundae was yesterday’s crappy hockey Sunday—two more losses in Ellenton. We’re going to have to set up a scrimmage against some cones or something just to get our confidence back.

After all that, work feels like a calm and organized oasis. Hopefully the universe gives me a break this week, while I try to catch up and get started on two major projects (Sarasota’s Charity Register and Biz941’s Top Companies). All that’s on tap recreationally is the usual soccer/roller hockey/kickball/hockey practice, with a Friday spring training game at McKechnie thrown in for good measure. Wish me luck, and tune in later this week for “Meditations on the Mouse: The Things I Learned During a Week at Disney.” Now I think I’m going to hide under my desk for a while.