I am unfocused, much like the weather.
By Hannah Wallace
Wow, is this weather throwing anybody else for a loop? Windy, cool, humid, rainy, hot—all these things just walking to Starbucks this afternoon.
Anyway, not much to report on the weekend. Did the usual kickball thing Friday night—lots of fun, not least because Top Dawg Tom and Krazy Kevin make a pretty entertaining cheering section. And to return the favor, Rock Star Kim says she’s going to round up the SH-T Kickers sometime soon to watch CCB, Mrs. Harrible and me play hockey. It’s nice to have fans!
Saturday afternoon (and into the evening, ugh), I spent way too much time watching CCB do computer work for Jake’s Downtown—although I can’t complain too much, since the wonderful Karen and Andrea are paying him in gift cards, which I am more than happy to help spend. Later that night, we met up with Little J, Big J, Harm-o (aka Goalie J) and his wife for some bowling. That is, EXTREME bowling (which is just like regular bowling, but with blacklights). I had two free hours courtesy of my Goodwill silent auction sports basket, and a good time was had by all.
Woke up at noon on Sunday, ate lunch, headed to the rink. This is how my Sundays have been going recently, and I’m pretty happy about that.
This week is once again bookended by soccer and kickball. In between we’re seeing Inventing Van Gogh on Wednesday (I am slacking in my theater schedule this year; I need to stop waiting until plays are about to close to crowbar them into my week). Oh, added bonus, Mrs. Harrible just suggested the newly reopened Broadway Bar for pre-play pizza. I’ve missed the ol’ Broadway! It won’t be the same in a brand new building, but it’s better than no Broadway at all, which is what we’ve had for, what, the last four years or so?
Thursday, if all goes as planned, we’re finally dragging Top Dawg Tom to the Flying Dog to meet Mark the Bartender. It shall officially be Cranky Philadelphian Day in Sarasota. Feel free to celebrate by ridiculing your least favorite Pittsburgh sports team and explaining why nobody “down here” makes a cheesesteak properly.