Kickball with friends, Wii with hooligans, hockey with grandmas, and of course, a visit from the Easter Beer Bunny.
By Hannah Wallace
Hooray for kickball homeruns! I kicked the snot out of the ball my first “at-bat” at Friday night’s SH-T Kickers game, en route to another mercy-rule win. I had some pent-up frustration: Earlier in the evening, I’d played—and sucked—for a team that was short players. I really hope they know I wasn’t dogging it when I went 0-for-3 in their game. I’m the only person I know who can give myself a massive inferiority complex from a damn kickball game. If I hadn’t gone 3-for-3 for the SH-T Kickers, I would have been inconsolable.
For post-kickball dinner, I got a Fat Sandy sandwich delivered from Munchies 420 Cafe. Hey, I had to replenish my energy from that long run around the bases. (PLUG! Look for my write-up of the Fat Sandy and other delights for Sarasota’s “Best Totally Shameless Diet Busters” in our May “Best of” issue.) Then CCB and I spent the rest of Friday evening playing Wii with Krazy Kevin and Top Dawg Tom. Because we are the coolest kids around.
All of Saturday was spent down south, as CCB fancied up the computer network at the Wonderfuls’ Naples store. (Sorry, Lefty, I think that nickname for the Jake’s Downtown chicks might stick. “Mrs. and Mrs. Wonderful”?) I had to be in Estero, anyway, to play a couple scrimmages against a 50-and-over women’s hockey team they’ve put together for a tournament in Ellenton weekend after next. (Worth checking out—especially for anyone who says they’re too old to play sports.)
Fortunately, we were done in time to catch the end of the NCAA men’s hockey championship game. Now that was some exciting hockey.
Of course, the highlight of the weekend was…EASTER BEER HUNT 2009! This year, you too can experience the magical springtime ritual through the wonder of moving pictures! I am giddy and ridiculous, as is my wont. (Look closely—is that a Guinness on the lanai?)
Tonight, Cheetah Club Boyfriend and I celebrate two years of dating bliss at the Rays’ home opener. I believe a hot dog and a foul ball are the traditional gifts for the two-year date-iversary. Or is it foam fingers? I can never remember….