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Worky worky, busy bee!


By Hannah Wallace


I’m kind of entertained at my mishmash of work activities this morning: I went from updating the Charity Register database with social events for next season, to calculating percentages of revenue changes for Top Companies, to researching the specs of a $30,000 home theater projector for our August Platinum issue…then back to the Charity Register database, let’s see, that should be $150 for that event…oh, hey, I should make sure those revenues are formatted all the way down the…god, what on earth is a anamorphic lens and why does it make movies better?


You say “erratic”; I say “well-rounded.”


This week is going to be like that all the way through, too, since thanks to our extended July 4th weekend, those three projects need to be done simultaneously, and NOW. I think I’ve turned the corner on all three of them, too, but it happens to be that corner you turn right as you get really winded and dizzy and your lungs start threatening to implode.


Away from my cluttered desk, my friends have been keeping my mind happily bouncing from activity to activity, too: Saturday at the Venice Pier and Sharky’s with the kickballers (HOT), followed by a tour of the Venice fire station where Mr. Harrible spends 48 hours a week (my EKG was normal; those little electrodes are very, very sticky), then later that night CCB and I found ourselves walking back and forth between the living room and the garage, watching Drum Line (me = nerd) and practicing deflections on our hockey net (I got the game-winning goal off a deflection in the Ms. Conduct game Sunday, so maybe the practice is helping.)


Obviously the heat is getting to me: Here I flaunt my undergear post-hockey game in the locker room, failing to impress CCB.



Monday is boxing, Tuesday we’re fixing dinner for the ‘rents along with a double-feature: Blu-Ray Planet Earth (the BBC version) and the series finale of Pushing Daisies; Wednesday we’re seeing Souvenir at the Asolo with the Harribles; Saturday is the annual Slap Shot hockey bash, and so on and so forth.


Still, all this activity is in direct conflict with my feelings about the damn temperature outside. I try to quiet myself from bitching about the weather, so I can be all native Floridian and whatever, but dear GOD. We walked outside the rink at 11:30 p.m. after hockey practice on Friday, and it felt like walking into an un-air-conditioned warehouse.


Just waiting for the fever to break, is all. In the meantime, I’m prescribing cold compresses, AC, and lots and lots of hockey.

But seriously, once all these work projects are done with, I’m going to have a couple of days to kill, and CCB’s days off don’t coordinate with mine. Any recommendations for daytime activities that won’t result in heat stroke?