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I’ll endure a cold now, but just because there’s lots of fun on the horizon.


By Hannah Wallace


This always happens: Right when the temperature spikes, I’m guaranteed to get a cold and be all stuffy and sniffly and exhausted. As if the humidity’s not bad enough, I’ve got to contend with congestion and malaise and this low thud-thudding emanating from my stuffed-up sinuses, like I’m drowning in a hot tub.


CCB had it all last week—which is nice, actually, because usually I’m the one getting him sick—and I could feel it coming. The Prelude to a Virus was so long for me, though, that I thought maybe I’d successfully fended it off. Kegtacular III on Saturday probably didn’t help, though it was a relatively tame affair (while still leading to the appropriate volume of awesome stories).


I know video games are for kids, but something about busting out the Wii for a party seems to fit with a bunch of 30- and 40-somethings getting all wild and crazy. Here, Krazy Kevin demonstrates his wakeboarding technique on the new Wii Resort.


But, if I’ve got to come down with something, this might be the best timing. I was still well enough last week to enjoy a sampling of Fleming’s five for $6 until 7 happy hour menu, courtesy of Judi Gallagher. Crab cakes, carpaccio, barbecue shrimp, seared tuna and oh-my-god calamari, plus a seat across the table from Copy Editor Emeritus Megan and Matt Orr—these are some tasty dishes indeed.


And while being sick on a Monday is a real double whammy, at least I should be well by next weekend—we’ll be celebrating CCB’s birthday on Saturday with some Joey D’s delivery and a low-key gathering around the television set.


Speaking of birthdays, I totally got carded buying Dayquil on Saturday. Just…thought I’d throw that out there.


Next week is the real doozy: Wednesday is the Charity Register party, which I always enjoy because after assembling the info for more than 200 charities and a 12-month calendar of their events, I feel like this is the one party where I’ve really earned my hors d’oevres. Then Thursday we’ve got a sweet ticket to a media preview of Outback’s new look on the South Trail.


I’m especially psyched for Friday, Sept. 4: At long last, we’ll be enjoying the Bucs tickets we won from the silent auction at Goodwill’s Fat Tuesday party. Sure, it’s a pre-season game, and yes, they’re playing the Texans, but dude: club seats. On the 45 yard line. We get, like, a buffet and stuff. I think these things come with complimentary massage and a personal shopper.


So, while I hate feeling sick and rundown, confining myself to the couch tonight when I’d really like to be punching stuff at Uppercut, I know there’re good activities coming soon enough. If the price I pay for all this fun stuff is a little viral occupation, bring it on. Today’s Kleenex and coughing is tomorrow’s calamari and cocktails. Sounds fair to me.