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Come cheer on the unheralded women of the FWHL.


By Hannah Wallace


Photo by Barbara Banks; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, August 2007

Hockey tournament in Ellenton this weekend. I was going to write about the Sarasota Roller Girls derby-kicking our ice-hockey asses in the PR department (although we don’t have a movie promote, alas), then I turned to 100.7 during my drive to work this morning, and what did I hear? Nancy and Chris declaring their plans to be at the rink tonight (Friday, Oct. 9) to watch the Ms Conduct play. Yay fans!


Ok, so the radio celebs will be there mostly to cheer on their producer CT, who recently joined the Ms Conduct and has proven herself a worthy hockey player and a delightfully funny post-practice Applebee’s companion to boot. But any outside attention for my team tickles me in a way I can’t describe. Lovin’ the new teammates, lovin’ the fans, lovin’ the ice and sticks and competition, as usual.


(Coincidentally, this marks our first FWHL game in Ellenton this season. Let’s hope we fare better than the Lightning did at their home opener last night. Although an overtime loss to the nationally competitive Tampa Bay Elite would be, for us, a respectable outcome.)


Unfortunately, this does mean that CCB, Mrs. Harrible and I are missing the SH-T Kickers game tonight. Worse still, Rock Star Kim had to reschedule the kickball team’s post-game Fat Sandy-eating challenge at Munchies due to the scheduled absence of the contest’s leading competitor. (I told her not to tempt CCB to eat an entire one of those sandwiches, but that Kim, she’s a SH-T stirrer.)


As for me, I’ll have to see if going to Uppercut’s boot camp last night, 24 hours before a tournament, was as bad an idea as it sounds. Felt good to get some nervous energy out, but now the unilateral whining of my muscular system makes me think I might’ve bitten off a bit more exercise than I can chew, so to speak. Well, I’ll sleep well tonight, that’s for sure.


Anyway, come on out to Ellenton Ice tonight to see what we’re all about (and to say hi to Nancy and Chris, if you’re a Mix Chick or Mix Dude). There’s beer at the snack bar and blood on the ice, and the new Evie’s Tavern location (in the outlet shops next door to the rink) should be the perfect stand-in for your usual Friday-night hangout. No, it’s not downtown Sarasota, but this summer’s been going on long enough. I think it’s time for some ice and violence, don’t you?


Ellenton Ice & Sports

5309 29th Street East, Ellenton, Florida 34222 (north, behind the Ellenton Outlet Mall)


Oct. 9:

5 p.m. Ms Conduct rec team (Mix 100.7’s CT, plus Sarasota business leader Karen Magee, and more!)


6 p.m. Ms Conduct C team (me, Asolo Rep’s Mrs.  Harrible, Ringling College’s Skittles, YMCA Sarasota’s Damn Effing Goalie, and more, all coached by Mr. Harrible of the Sarasota County Fire Department)


More games Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.