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I’ll have more to say once the oxygen starts flowing back into my brain again.


By Hannah Wallace


Not much to report on today. I’m pretty wiped out, after boxing boot camp Thursday, hockey Friday, hockey and hockey again Saturday, and then hockey two more times yesterday.  Basically lived at the Ellenton Ice rink for the last three days. Pretty good tournament, overall. Some highs and lows, the latter including a dumbass play I made that cost our team a goal and turned “trying for a last-minute goal to tie the game” into “losing by two points.”


Highs included close games against good teams, and a not-so-close game in our favor (scoring more goals than the other team had shots on net, yay), plus hanging out at Evie’s Ellenton location with a good portion of the Florida Women’s Hockey League Saturday night—kicking back with teammates old and new, watching the Lightning win, playing some video cornhole and whatnot. Good times.

Oh, and this was definitely a high:


This is actually a really awesome goalie, so I'm not going to talk any trash or anything, because next time she sees me she'll stone me and hack my feet off at the ankle.

So yeah, I hardly know where I am or what I’m doing today, except that I’ve got to go straight from work to boxing again tonight, so tomorrow I’m definitely going to need a day off from exercise.  I’ve got lace bite on my right shin, my groin is going on strike, and I can feel the soreness in my back when I take a deep breath. It’s good medicine for neuroses, at least.



And so I really really have no idea what’s going on around town these days. Ma’s busy in rehearsals for Contact, and I hear the Ringling International Arts Festival was a huge success, but I’ve had my busy-blinders on, so just getting from place to place with all the proper equipment and materials for my various activities has taken every bit of my mental energy. (Yeah, I’m an excellent Sarasota Magazine employee. Where am I, again? What town is this?) Hopefully I’ll come up for air on Tuesday or Wednesday and have a look around at what’s going on. Better regroup now; CCB and I have a Halloween party to plan…