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Autumn is upon us! Kind of! For now, at least!


By Hannah Wallace


Oh blessed blessed cool air! How I love thee! I want to hug you! I want to kiss you! I want to bathe myself in your loving coolness!


Alas, it’s Monday, and I’m stuck in the office. Oh well, maybe later.


It’s one of those little things, y’know? Nothing that’s going to change a horrible day into a great one, but all other things being equal, you step outside and think, “Wow. WOW. This is great,” instead of “Oh dear GOD I’m sweating already! Dammit dammit dammit!” From “dammit” to “WOW” is a big difference, if just for a small moment. And the difference is all the difference. I notice a similar phenomenon when I go on a cleaning binge: As I run hither and yon in the morning, trying to gather gym bag and lunch and coffee and breakfast and oh yeah I should put clothes on, if I see a clean coffee table or a sink free of dishes, there’s a noticeable quiet where my neuroses usually fester. The little things.


Happiness is equilibrium, says the man. My weight shifts a little with the weather.


(Huh, apparently I’m going to link to all the highlights from the 20th Century Theater class I taught for TIP. Hey, eff you, links are for closers. )


Hard to argue when the walk in from the parking lot looks like this.

So the post-hockey-tournament cold that kicked me in the throat last week was, strange to say, well timed. After getting out of bed Saturday…er…late morning…-ish…the cold had killed all obligation for a productive afternoon. Instead, we opened the windows and the back door and let the breeze blow by as we watched college football and contemplated dinner. Heavenly. And completely without the usual taint of regret that time is going by without anything to show for it.


This feels like it’s going to be an in-between week: season’s changing (…hopefully; though I know it’s going to go back to summer a few more times before January rolls around), wrapping up my projects our December visitors annual, no hockey tournaments or practices or galas or anything. Just a cool breeze and a little time on my hands. As it should be. Happy autumn, everyone.


Coming up: the SH-T Kickers Fat Sandy eat-off; what to do during your lunch break (when you’ve eaten your lunch already);  and tales of horror from our increasingly complicated Halloween party (including CCB’s costume, which is so risqué I won’t even be able to show you pictures…muahahah).