A few pics from the Asolo Balcony Club's Undead Party Thursday night.


The Asolo Rep Balcony Club, a new group devoted to encouraging appreciation of the arts among young professionals, hosted a party Thursday evening following an effectively creepy performance of The Mystery Plays by the second-year conservatory students. Halloween madness ensued.


Before we join the party, CCB gets my fancy shoes tied just right.


Revelers revelling.


I am sexy, no?


Martin St. Candycorn gets snack-blocked.


CCB with Asolo Rep employees the Jolly Blond Giant and Mrs. Harrible, who helps head the Balcony Club. (Hee, that red-eye is a nice photo effect. I did that on purpose, y'know.)


Pat Egan, who acted at the Asolo in the 70s andreturned for a couple seasons a few years ago, is looking a little worse for wear since last we saw him in A Christmas Carol.


Ma swung by the party after finishing her stage managing duties for that night's Contact performance. Here she gives Pat a little love. They go way back.


Aw, a little Halloween family portrait. Ain't it sweet?