Photographic evidence of my week’s activities.


By Hannah Wallace


I had such a Bradenton-community day on Tuesday, it made me want to run right out and buy some Bayshore Bruins apparel. (It's true, I can go to the Desoto Mall Champs and get my high school sweatshirt more than a decade after I graduated.) Speaking of, I didn’t go there or anything, but Manatee High School is playing for the state football championship tonight. That’s pretty cool.


First up, a press conference at the Kiwanis Club introducing the new Bradenton minor-league baseball team: the Marauders. I sat next to Doug Fernandes of the HT (I met him once years ago when Rock Star Kim and her band were playing at the Entersection on Beneva and Webber) and listened to Mayor Wayne Poston and Pittsburgh Pirates personnel get everyone psyched for a full season of 70 home games—all to take place about a quarter mile from my place.



I didn’t get any pictures though, because…I forgot my camera. I’m an excellent journalist.


Later that afternoon, I attended the groundbreaking (not, as I’d earlier reported, the “opening”—see again: excellent journalist) of the new 13th Avenue Community Center “Dream Center” off of Ninth Avenue and 24th Street East.

I tell you what, if you want to get pumped about community initiative, listen to 13th Ave.’s Patrick Carnegie and a slew of other homegrown leaders describe the efforts and motivation behind a project like that (they partnered with Champs, which is headquartered near that very neighborhood) and congratulate themselves without being self-congratulatory, if you know what I mean. Makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work.



The mayor was there, too. Y’see, following me around, just like Jerry Springer.


What else happened this week? Why, oh yes, the Ritz holiday cocktail class!


CCB and I wear the requisite holiday hats at the Ritz Bayview Bar.


Not a bad view, either.


Wednesday night, once again, mixology deity Pete Whitely led us through a series of original, holiday-themed concoctions.


A craisin floats in my poinsettia champagne cocktail.



Peter Whitely (front, with his assistant, Brandon) muddle ginger for "ginger drops" and sink pomegranate syrup for "Misfit Toy Martinis."


With so many repeat students from the class last year, we all agreed to make it an annual tradition. Next year at the Ritz-Carlton!


Oh, and let’s not forget the office “white elephant” gift exchange on Thursday. The highlight? Gulfshore Media president Chris Schulz unwrapping the final gift of the day: a framed, “autographed” picture of David Hasselhoff.



Merry Hoffmas, everyone. Stay tuned next week for Chrappy Christmas pics!