Just so you know, Google Maps does not want you to have beer.

…or that was the impression I had as CCB and I drove a blue streak through southeast Lakewood Ranch Thursday night, effing and blinding about “Communications Parkway” this and “Broadband Landline Cul-de-sac” that, looking for the new Gold Coast Eagle compound (site of the Asolo Balcony Club’s 1940s military-themed “Blackout Party”). Seriously. Look at this map. In reality, the place is directly off of Lakewood Ranch Blvd. After confusing and frightening some SCF students by cursing our way through their parking lot a few times, we finally spotted the Bud Light trucks in the distance and got ourselves to the party by celestial beverage navigation.

But, y’know, when we found the place, and it featured a giant circular bar serving all of Gold Coast’s splendid concoctions, well, all was forgiven. Should be a good venue for future events (provided Google gets straightened out and somebody puts up some damn signs already). Lots of people were dressed up, too—fedoras and whatnot—which always makes for good times. CCB wore a Goodwill khaki shirt, black tie and olive pants—oh yes, he was quite the handsome Army man—and I fortunately already owned a black and white dress with a 40s-ish cut. ‘Course, this was the first time I’d put on pantyhose in a decade, and I certainly remember why. I felt like I had surgical tubing tied around my belly button all night.

Also fun: LWR Medical Center was among the sponsors. They provided the food. No, for real: Chefs from the center prepared “heart-healthy” dishes, including chicken satay, crab cakes and even that hospital staple, green Jell-o (as part of a surprisingly tasty parfait). Neat party. Points all around for originality.

We’re going to keep the neat-event ball rolling tonight, too, with another installment of Theater Hour with Herman Miller. That is, we’re again seeing some of Jenny Beres’ work performed in Home Resource. I dunno, that just makes me feel all warm and sophisticated inside—sweet modern furniture and a local playwright (one who is literate, prolific and clever). Good combo.

As for Valentine’s Day, well, we have quite the weekend planned. But I’ll hold off telling you about that till Tuesday, so to include all the fun contingencies we’re sure to encounter. Rest assured: I’m really looking forward to the long weekend.