I’m woefully under-read for an English major. And because I’m insecure about that, it’s nice that recently I’ve found the time (and the patience, and the attention span) to settle into some books and get through them in less than six months. And actually, y’know, enjoy the experience.

On top of that, CCB got me a Kindle for Christmas—very awesome. It takes a little getting used to, and there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned, tangible experience of flipping pages (please god, for my career industry, tell me there’s something to be said for that). But wow, I never predicted how convenient it would be to have your reading material stay flat and open on the table while you dig into your gyro with two hands. (And then you can flip the page with one tzatziki-soaked finger, too.) Plus, how great to have fluffy gym reading and sappy lunchtime reading and hardcore weekend reading all together wherever I go?

The problem? Finding all that material.

CCB done good for the prep work. He checked with the fam for some recommendations and pre-loaded the Kindle with some favorites—The Shipping News and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, etc. Plus, I’d been mid-Duma Key when I got it, so I had that to occupy my initial Kindle time.

Not to get too far off topic, but what did you all think of Duma Key? I spent the first hundred pages or so engrossed in the Sarasota setting, so the first freaky-ass Stephen King scenes got me but good. And I enjoyed it, too. But…did anyone else find it a little reminiscent of trying to keep up with Lost? Like, I had been trying to piece together each little creepy occurrence in the beginning, but it turned out it was all just a gobbeldygook of random supernatural…stuff? So I’m trying to figure out what the missing arm and the scary paintings and the old lady and



have to do with each other, then the characters are all of a sudden like, “Well of course it’s a thousand-year-old monsterlady on a boat in a China doll with the candlestick in the study.” Could be par for the course with King (haven’t read much of his stuff), but yeah: freaky as hell, fun Sarasota references throughout, but points off for plot assemblage.

So anyway, I’m done with that now, and as usual, I can’t remember any of the 30-odd books I had on my “read this next” list. And until I pick something else out, I default to reading The Shipping News for the 10th time—not exactly a bad thing, but rereading the same books doesn’t make me feel any more well read.

Suggestions? Books to avoid? I’m open to nonfiction, too, or whatever. Today feels like an incredible spring day, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy reading my Rolling Stone over lunch at Citrus Café, but what’ll I read tomorrow?