Just a quick note to point out that today is my five-year anniversary with the mag. Who would’ve thunk it? I’ve been here longer than I was in college—or any other school for that matter. And I can certainly say that this has been very educational.

I just updated my Facebook status: “Hannah Wallace celebrates five years with the mag today. How should I mark the occasion?” First three responses, received within five minutes of posting, were:

“Beer, of course!”

“Blog it.”

And “Celebrate like the Canadian women. :)” –yeah, thanks for that last idea, Lefty. (In case you hadn’t heard, after winning the gold medal in women’s hockey, the Canadian team came back on the ice to celebrate with stogies and champagne.)

So I figured, what the heck, I’ll do all three. Although I’ve got my usual post-hockey-tournament cold, so the cigars are probably out. But anniversary or no, CCB and I had already planned a dream evening at home tonight, starting off with the donning of pajamas the second I walk through the door.

I’m curious, though: How long do people stay at their jobs these days? I overheard someone the other day mention that, a generation ago, people worked one job nearly their entire lives. But now? I’m ecstatic for the stability, so I guess I’ve forgotten that some people, for all manner of reasons, change jobs more frequently. Heck, in some cases it’s almost a requisite of a career to have experienced at least several different companies. Does that mean they actively look to change, or do these things just happen?

Anyway, five years feels like a heck of an accomplishment for fickle ol’ me—plus it ignites that competitive spark, all, “Let’s see how long we can keep this going!”