The tradition continues...



(CCB insisted that we not mow the lawn before Easter, so I made sure to take full advantage of the tall weeds.)



Got one!



Where oh where...



There it is!


I spy with my little eye...something green and beery.

Speaking of beer: roller derby. Finally got myself out to see a Sarasota Roller Girls bout. I admit to feeling a little competetive with the Roller Girls (and their northerly counterparts, the Bradentucky Bombers), due to the crowds they draw, while I can't even get my own mother to come to a hockey game. But bless them derby chicks, that's one hell of a spectacle. I don't think we'll be adding fishnets or nicknames to any upcoming Ms Conduct tournaments (as much as we'd love to have a fourth of the Roller Girls' fans--and sponsors), but we've already marked our calendars for the next derby bout against the Bombers--conveniently just up the road from our house at Florida Wheels.




Me and CCB with fellow mag employee MuscaWTF. (Don't blame me; that's a CCB-given nickname.)


Leave it to Little J to fudge with the camera settings and snap some pretty cool pics.



A Roller Girls' jammer moves in for the score.

This bout was a bit of a blowout, alas, against a team from Gainesville (which, it should be noted, has a convenient college recruiting pool. Just sayin'.) But my, don't we Ms Conduct veterans know what it's like to be the newbies in a statewide league. Chins up, Roller Girls, being the underdog is especially fun when you start whoopin' up on people.

After the derby, we headed downtown for some to-die-for mac 'n cheese at Stairway to Belgium. Also: this random dancer at Sports Page. Because, I guess, why not?

The weekend ended with another great Easter tradition: lamb and spanikopita dinner at my parents' house.


 CCB, Pa and Managing Maxine star Sharon Spelman, with husband

Steve Johnson, at our lovely (and riotously funny) Easter dinner.