Riders up!

Discovered a great new workout
, just in time for summer: wading into waist-deep water at the beach, then “running” parallel to the shore. Vigorous enough to get the blood flowing, without that pesky bone-on-bone knee pain.


Also discovered the new layout for St. Armands Circle. It must’ve been a long winter because…when did that happen? With the, “Oh, hey, you have to go to Longboat Key” lane. Which, by the way, means mainlanders headed to Lido Beach have to stay in the left-hand lane through the first exit, then merge all of a sudden to get to the beach exit. I’ll bet that’s a damn blast when everyone’s lined up coming off of LBK, too.


The Observer did a great story about Ma. Thanks, Heidi—you nailed it!


Totally had a nerd-in with CCB and Little J last Saturday, playing this great literary game CCB’s ma introduced us to. Order in some Grandma Yoder’s from Ashley’s, playoff hockey on the tube, you got yourself one fine, dweeby evening.


Kegtacular IV: The Prequel is in the works. (Don’t ask about the subtitle; I’ll figure something out.) August 14. Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be in town for the event. This is going to be epic, as the kids say.


Big Saturday for sports: I’m forever grateful to Jimmy Hoskins and Carl Meyer for teaching me how to get the most out of the Kentucky Derby. (Hint: gamble.) (Hint No. 2: mint julep.) Plus, after watching Animal Planet’s Jockeys show, I feel I’m well-acquainted with a lot of the jockeys.

            After that, CCB and I are headed to McKechnie to take in a Marauders game. We thought the $6 general admission was a deal, but it turns out it’s Bright House customer appreciation day—free admission with our statement.

            Then! Mayweather/Mosley. I’m in the camp that hopes to someday see Pacquiao pound the snot out of Floyd Mayweather Jr., but I suppose this’ll have to suffice in the meantime. To revise the linked blogger’s metaphor, I think this is acts II and III of a five-act drama. It builds.

            So that’s three (kind of) quintessential American sports experiences. We’ve invited Scoops the Crazy Canadian over for some south-of-the-border education. (Heck, maybe while we’re at it, we’ll try to explain to him one more time that Boston is not a state.)