Check this out: Totally met Edgar Hansen from Deadliest Catch on Wednesday at Mattison’s City Grille! Fun follow-up to the entry I did early about celebrities. I didn’t find I was too terribly nervous, and this is a show I’ve watched with some enthusiasm for the last three or four years. Maybe it’s easier to talk to someone from the reality/documentary genre? Anyway, I was stupidly excited about the whole thing. Here’s the weird part: I’ve been thinking about it, and I can’t remember another time when I met a famous person whom I already really liked. (Well, Dave Andreychuk, but besides him.) Like, I’ve met a few famous people, but I was essentially just excited because of that whole fame-proximity thing. Edgar I liked to begin with, and here he is!




Oh, and by the way, that’s one more addition to my Random Celebrity Autographs collection. I’m going to hang it up on the wall, right in between Sam Neill and John Astin.


Also famous: CCB’s cousin got called up to play with the big boys this week. Still awaiting that first appearance. Napoleon’s battle plan: First we show up; then we see what happens.


And my mother’s enjoyed her share of Sarasota fame over the years, so she’s getting her due of media coverage and happily, I got to join in. All that theatrical stuff, and it’s the story about her avoiding me that’s getting the biggest reaction. No, I didn’t know she did that, but yeah, it’s…not really surprising.


Ma and me.

Oh, also in the May issue: The first installment of my new “Fit City” department (within the front-of-the-book Sarasota Insider section). It’s really fun to have an official outlet for the random fitness stuff I encounter. I hadn’t even thought about all the dieticians and physical therapists and general sports nuts I know in my life. It’s generating this awesome combination of using stuff I already know and discovering stuff I totally want to try.


 So, among the Fit City things I’ve tried: I just got my new ActivTrax account at the Y. I’m generally not a big gym-goer. A) I’ve already got so many other activities with built-in exercise, and B) I have problems feeling satisfied with a workout unless someone’s there telling me what I should be doing. But apparently having computer software tell me what to do works just as well, because I have to admit, I’m kind of enjoying the ActivTrax. Like boxing, it gives you a crazy mix of different exercises every time, and it’s great to have something to do at the gym other than my old staple, the stairmill. Plus, I’m getting acquainted with all the equipment I’ve always been to scared to try. I like it.