I was kind of counting on jury duty today to supply me with my blog material, but so much for that: A morning in a big room with some Sun Chips and my Kindle does not a blog make. Instead, as the judge told it, we prospective jurors were responsible for all the no-shows and plea deals that happened in lieu of trials. And I’d been looking forward to telling them in voir dire that I was a social acquaintance of the Manatee County public defender—or, as CCB likes to say, “the public defender’s private defender.” Ah well, maybe next time.


So what else? Was pleasantly surprised by Sylvia at FST last Wednesday. Not that I had low expectations, but “about a dog” really brings up a range of possibilities when it comes to the theater. I think if I’d known it was directed by Kate Alexander, I would’ve had a better idea of the quality going in. Short answer: good times. It sounds gimmicky, but the personification of a dog’s personality really holds your attention from beginning to end. (I just typed, “from begging to end,” so…yeah.)


It’s been a while since I’ve been to FST, and I might have to follow through on my temptation to get season tickets. I’m well familiar with the quality—plenty of Asolo crossover through the years (just look at the picture of my dad next to the FST box office). But, while the Asolo’s basically an extension of my parents’ house (ie the house I grew up in), I feel less…territorial, less defensive about FST. A little less nervous about the production and less prickly about audience behavior. Can make for a more relaxed experience all around—just ask CCB, heh.


Also had a surprisingly good time meeting up with the C.DeLeos and Mrs. Harrible at the rink on Saturday to watch the “Finest vs. Bravest” charity hockey match. Awesome turnout, first of all—the game didn’t start until 3:30, and at 3 I get a text from Mrs. Harrible saying she’s saving us seats. And with a $5 recommended donation—multiplied, I’m sure, by the many people who gave much more than that—lots of money raised for the families of the Tampa police officers who were killed last month. Also fun to see our Revolution firefighter teammates Mr. Harrible and the Snodgrasses on the winning side. Yeah, you see Mr. Harrible’s big goofy (shiny) mug on the front page of the Bradenton Herald Sunday? Don’t mess with that guy; I’ve got his back.

This week? This week’s all about centering myself, getting fit, eating healthy, finding my happy place, purifying, meditating, hydrating and visualizing—all in preparation for my 31st birthday festivities, starting this Saturday with family dinner at Owen’s Fish Camp, and stretching through the 14th with Kegtacular IV (“This time it’s bacchanal”). That flutter in my stomach is the perfect combination of excitement and fear. Cross your fingers and hold on to your hats, people: This just might be one for the ages…