Whew, what a weekend. Starting Thursday, my athletic schedule went kickball, hockey (practice), soccer, hockey (game), boxing. (Then add televised sports to that schedule: football, football, MMA, football, baseball, hockey, football, football.) And all this is still apparently not enough to combat the butter brickle ice cream left over from Kegtacular. I think I’m going to start jogging the 12 miles to work every day.


And whew, what a work week. I’ve been working on October online departments, November features and departments, December listings and inserts, St. Armands Magazine, and then going home to work on Karen Magee’s business plan and Dad’s book—in between doing stuff for ABC. And kicking, skating, kicking, skating and punching, of course.


And somehow I still found time in the last week to try out Broadway’s fettuccine alfredo, Drunken Poet’s garlic chicken, Mr. Beery’s Summit EPA, OT’s blackened wings and JPan’s Siesta roll (love!). Oh, wait, maybe the butter brickle isn’t entirely to blame….



Mrs. Harrible and I celebrate a kickball win (and a photo op, apparently) at Mr. Beery's.

This is one of those times when I worry I may have overcommitted my time and resources—both financial and physical. And caloric. But to be honest, all of these things are going pretty darn well right now (cue my Anxiety for Eventual Catastrophe). The week’s biggest hiccup was Sunday night’s triumphant return of Top Dog Tom to our Revolution team—which lasted all of six minutes until Tom decided to practice his ground and pound on an opposing forward and had to watch the rest of the game from the stands. (God I love this sport.)


It’s strange to have all my self-imposed obligations fulfilled by extracurricular activities. It often drives CCB nuts, that a free evening in the middle of a busy week finds me in an obsessed panic over fitting in whatever aspect of a full and happy life I feel I’ve been neglecting: Too many work parties? Must exercise. Endless team practices? Not networking enough. Committee obligations? When will I be able to mop the kitchen? Relaxed evenings of television and laundry? If we don’t see all of our friends regularly, will our social life shrivel up and die?


And while I maintain my dread of the wheels falling off (and the wagon skidding over the edge of the cliff and combusting before landing in the river), these last few days seem to have everything covered. Plenty of exercise, getting in some face time at our launch parties, seeing all my friends, checking out the local establishments, having mild adventures like hockey fights and still finding a night or two to putter around the house while catching up on Dexter. And because everything’s on an outside schedule, I’ve been in my own little Zen place, going with the flow, letting stuff happen and feeling pretty good about it all.


Of course, when I get home tonight after going straight from office to boxing, then we shower and fix dinner and finally settle down for some Monday Night Football, how will I cope with the empty spot on the calendar Tuesday night? Maybe, for once, I can just let that happen, too.