Remember a couple weeks ago when I wondered at the fine line between satisfying all obligations and over-committing yourself? And how good it feels to have health, professional, social, civic and intellectual bases covered?


Yeah, I think I may have crossed that line.


That stretch a couple weeks ago, everything seemed to fall into place without conflict, in perfect balance.


Now I’m starting to feel the speed wobble.


Missed boxing on Monday ‘cause Uppercut proprietor Aaron Jaco was putting the finishing touches on his new gym (over by Livingston’s off of Clark Road); had to gank one of my vacation days Wednesday to go see the Rays playoff game, which meant I missed hockey practice Wednesday night, and then missed game two Thursday, ‘cause…well, I’m not going to blow all of my PTO to watch BJ Upton whiff himself into oblivion; Friday kickball was a good time, although it eliminated our chance for a quiet night at home; missed my soccer game on Saturday to go to Antigone Now and represent ABC at the HuB. Even Sunday’s hockey game was pushed to a difficult 8:45 time slot to accommodate the local junior team, which cut into social time and also meant I spent 12 hours of Sunday just…waiting for hockey. (Hockey has destroyed my ability to occupy my Sundays.)


Not that I’m complaining—being busy is still awesome, and being busy with awesome things is even awesomer. But I’ve started to get a little stressed, especially in the face of this coming week: Boxing tonight, yes and yay, but then tomorrow we’ll be at game five—it’s in the evening this time, thank god, but still a logistical challenge, especially since I’ve also got an ABC meeting Tuesday afternoon. I’m trying to determine if I should reschedule a doctor’s appointment Wednesday afternoon, because I don’t feel great having missed work already for baseball, and seeing as how I’m going to have to be in Naples for a hockey tournament Friday evening, I’m thinking maybe I should dedicate my lunch breaks this week to…well, meeting my deadlines. And considering we’ve got kickball on Thursday this week, I probably should’ve packed for this weekend’s tournament two weeks ago, since I don’t know when else I’m going to get the chance.


Good to be busy; not so great to be so busy that your obligations overlap and you wind up having to pick and choose between all the things you want to do for yourself, all the things you want to do for everybody else, and all the things you signed up for.


Well, what the heck: At least I don’t feel lazy and unengaged anymore.