In the wake of Thanksgiving, my appetite will be today’s guest blogger.


I just had a big bowl of stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and green beans, topped with gravy for lunch. Tonight’s going to be turkey sandwich on wheat, with mayo, Romaine and provolone (though this is also tempting—you can’t go wrong with cream cheese and jam).


Stairway to Belgium is moving? Disappointing to see a Main Street hangout head elsewheres. They haven't even been open for a year--which is a bit of a concern, too. Will they still have a stairway at their new location? (I don’t know where they’re going, because…I’m an excellent reporter.)


I did just see the Square One Burgers sign go up at the old Lonjevity location. Can’t wait: I’ve had a serious, unquenchable hamburger craving for the last couple months. I’m starting to wonder if I have a cow deficiency.


CCB, because he is awesome, made garlic pizza dough last night. I mean, not that we needed the extra food, but it was gooooood.


Trying to iron out Christmas plans between the Wallaces’ gathering spot in Sarasota and the Cheetah Club Clan in Huntsville. Plus there’s Chrappy Christmas requests, two different work parties, and I’m kind of wanting to initiate a fancy Christmassy date-night tradition with CCB—any excuse to go to Lan or Beach Bistro—though I’m not sure how we’re going to fit 18 different Christmas celebrations into the next four weeks.


I’m also not sure how those celebrations are going to fit into my belly.


Speaking of work parties: I can’t decide what to bring for our annual holiday luncheon. On the one hand, there’s this tasty-looking spinach dip; on the other hand, I…really like meatballs.


In college, I once had to write a paper about Cold Mountain. I decided to focus on how the author used food to elicit visceral reactions at important parts in the story. Obviously the food court wasn’t cutting it, ‘cause I have undying affection for that particular piece of personal academia.

Also inpressive (and kinda sad), this weekend I managed to work a reference to chocolate pie into my dad's book about the Asolo. (In case you're curious: Eric Tavares served it to him and John Ulmer during an afternoon chat--true story.)

Also this weekend, kickball friends the Deelios participated in a chili cookoff (to benefit the ASPCA) on Saturday at Coleman’s Tavern. This ultimately resulted in a midnight pot full of chili and macaroni elbows, topped with cheddar, sour cream and green onions.


I just got a press release about “Sea Best, a brand of frozen seafood from Beaver Street Fisheries.” Even in its current state, my appetite is having trouble finding the appeal in “Beaver Street.”


On the other hand, I seriously just turned away from my desk, saw an old Forty Carrots brochure, and thought, Mmmm…carrots.


Ok, enough of that, I’m headed to the Short Stop to get some string cheese or something. I’ll see you in 10 pounds or so.