Ma and Pa joined us for the Ringling Museum's "Holiday Spendor" event Thursday night. I'm glad Ma's as enthusiastic about this as I am (she wants to make it a Wallace family tradition); there's just something about walking the grounds at night, how quiet the art museum is, the luminaries on the sidewalks and the rose garden in the dark and all the holiday decorations--especially the Ca d'Zan all decked out like John and Mable invited us over for a Christmas Eve celebration, and the mansion terrace, chilly and breezy and looking out on the lights of Longboat Key.

(Plus all the school groups performing at various points throughout the grounds. Special cheers to the Electa Lee Middle School advanced jazz band, who performed in the courtyard--well done!)

Holiday Splendor "admission" benefits Toys for Tots.

I'm sure nobody's as amused by this upside-down camel (or something?) as I am, but here it is anyway. (It's adjacent to the Ringling's train car in the old circus museum, which is pretty cool, too.)

Ma and Pa on the Ca d'Zan terrace.

CCB and I get our hoodies on.

The Ca d'Zan Christmas tree.

My father and I pose in the exact same spot in the art museum where, 25 years ago, we were photographed in costume (along with Thing 1 and Thing 2) in a promotional picture for the Asolo's production of A Christmas Carol.

Pa next to a Harlequin painting that used to hang in the old Asolo Theater (before it was moved and became the Historic Asolo Theater). He sent this photo to his publisher.

Ma and Pa help illustrate the size of the Rubens cartoons.

Listening to the Lee Middle School jazz band light up the courtyard.

The lighting was really nice in the courtyard, too. Really helps set the scene at night.

The loggia and my parents, left, listening to the band.


Behind David's view of the courtyard.