Holy December madness, Batman. My schedule’s pretty insane right now. And I’m not a very organized person, so the hoard of things I have to do remains forever in my periphery, which makes me feel like there are obligations and events and deadlines hiding around every half-hour. Not a fun mindset to be in, but I seem to be warding off insanity, for now.


And as I was mentally flipping through my to-do list today, I came across item No. 154: write a blog. Oh yeah, it’s Monday. So here it is.


Took a day and a half at home last week to work on this feature for February about Sarasota as a fitness destination. Good times, fun topic, but it’s always hard to take a wealth of information and clump it together into something whole—Sarasota’s fitness-oriented population, Sarasota as a destination for fitness and fitness as an economic driver. So far so good, I think, but that’s definitely a biggie hanging over my head.


Also trying to finish up our first issue of SEE Sarasota. Dan Denton purchased the semi-annual publication back in October, and this is our first go at putting it together. Y’know what’s harder than starting a magazine from scratch? Trying to learn the ins and outs of one that already exists. While on deadline.


Plus, Dad got the first copy-edited draft of his book back from the publisher for revisions last week, and they’d like it back ASAP, please. Thankfully, there’s not too much left to do there, and the editors had a light hand, but dear lord, “Asolo Theatre” as a proper noun versus the standard spelling, “theater.” I’m going start spelling it “theat” in protest, because OH MY GOD.


Perfect timing, we had a hockey tournament in Estero this weekend. I mean, the stress relief is great, but with so much else going on…oy. Especially helpful that the Big Red Wattle Wagon had a blowout on I-75 on the way down. Sort of entertaining at the time; the Harribles spotted us and stopped to say hi. But buying three new tires in the middle of December is not what I’d call a financial blessing.


And just for giggles, the universe gave me a MASSIVE bruise on my butt after sliding full-speed, ass-first into the boards on Sunday. Scoring a goal on the play was consolation…though less so at the time, as I sat on knees and elbows asking for the number of the lumbar puncture that just hit me.


As usual, I put off seeing a show at the Asolo until its closing loomed large, so I had to get tickets for Bonnie & Clyde this week. Super surreal? When the person at the Asolo box office asked if I’d ever purchased tickets there before. I mean, because, geez, I really haven’t, have I? Dozens of shows from You Can’t Take it With You to Hearts, and only now am I dealing with the box office. I mean, I don’t mean to come across as boastful. It’s just strange days, is all. Feels like one of my limbs has fallen asleep.


Meanwhile, on the home front, I’m trying to put up Christmas decorations amid the sheets that are covering the plants to protect them from the cold. And in between gnawing on strings of lights, just to be helpful, CJ the Cat keeps inhaling her food and puking.


Then there’s the office holiday party Thursday, Lan reservations Friday, soccer championship game and Chrappy Christmas Saturday, hockey consolation game Sunday, office pot luck lunch and gift exchange Tuesday, CCB leaves for Huntsville Wednesday, Thing 1 and Captain Slack come in Thursday, Thing 2 comes in and I host Christmas Eve dinner Friday, then fly to Huntsville Saturday afternoon—and god only knows if I’m done Christmas shopping or not. At this point I’m just going to start wrapping random items from around the house and sending them to people.


“Merry Christmas, here’s a pukey cat.”