OK, for starters, I have some cool pics from Friday’s Exotic CarFest kickoff party, and after forgetting the camera on Tuesday, I put it in my purse last night and…promptly forgot my purse. So I’ll stick those up here once I get my stuff together. (Fair warning: don’t hold your breath.)

 [EDITED 2/24 TO ADD: Found it! More below.]


Clear your calendar for next Tuesday, March 1: Dad’s making his first appearance on behalf of his new book at Selby Library, 5 p.m. I have no idea what to expect. I’m all over the place regarding the book, anyways—excitement and pride coupled with panic that I’ve overlooked some important detail. (Well, some other important detail—we’ve already got a big ‘un on our list of corrections to send to the publisher before the next printing.) (And no, I’m not going to volunteer that information.) Ah well, so far, so good. Will certainly be fun to see people’s reactions in real time, not to mention see Pa at the center of attention again.

On our way to lunch yesterday, Megan and I spotted Nancy Krohngold snapping pics of the progress on her much-anticipated Nancy’s Bar-B-Q restaurant. “When are you going to open?!” I whine-shouted from across the street. She estimated at least another couple of weeks, and then showed us around. Very exciting. Lots of tables both inside and out, plus fun little design elements like pig head coat hangers and vintage barbecue recipe book decoupage in the bathrooms. Also, two words: pig statue. The counter service will be reminiscent of Chipotle (“…for lack of a better description,” says Nancy), where your plate is assembled before you as the line moves along the counter. There’s a mock-up menu floating around, too, and dude, it’s just not fair to be forced to look at this place every day before it opens. Although, as much as we’re all licking our chops, it’s nice that she’s able to get everything in order before opening. Especially nice, because based on how many people are looking forward to it, it’s going to draw some crowds.

Speaking of chops, CCB and I have been scoping out an interesting Wednesday-night scene at the north Trail Rico’s. A couple weeks ago we went there before seeing La Bete at the Asolo and stumbled over what I described as “an octogenarian jazz band.” Thing was, they were really good: trap set, keyboard, banjo, trumpet, tenor sax, trombone and, my personal favorite, a clarinetist rocking it hardcore Benny Goodman-style. (I played clarinet—“band nerd!”—in middle school and high school, and with that limited experience, I’ve decided that this guy is totally legit.) We dragged the ‘rents there last week, but the sax player was out and the replacement trombone wasn’t quite up to snuff, so we’ll see how it pans out. But, I mean, the place is right on my way home, and I love their pizza anyway, so I won’t complain if our investigation continues on for some weeks.

Oh yeah, they’re the Tom Barrett (Sophisticated?) Dixieland All-Stars. Check ‘em out, if you get the chance.

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