Happy Easter and Passover, all! We’re off on Good Friday, and since my blog has been jumping time slots recently (now on Wednesdays!) (except yes, I’m posting this on Thursday), I figured I’d better leave a quick note before the long weekend.

Aside from a soccer game and Mr. Beery’s much-anticipated “O, Canada” party Saturday evening (inspired by Mrs. Deelio), the schedule for the weekend is so open I could cry tears of joy. I know the lawn’s going to have to get mowed, and I’m going to need to properly tan myself before next week’s even-more-anticipated Best of Sarasota party (I have a new dress and I can’t wait to wear it), but other than that, I’m just going to roll out of bed and see where the day takes me.

Oh, and of course, our Easter Beer Hunt tradition continues on Sunday. And ooh, inspiration just struck: Perhaps Slip-n-Slides deserve a place in this tradition! Never fear; there shall be photos…


Cheers to long weekends under blue skies.