It’s hot, there are bugs everywhere and I can’t muster enthusiasm for anything. It’s summer in Hannah’s brain, and the forecast calls for…something.


I could write about the old stand-by, staying fit versus eating BLTs and fettuccine Alfredo. For whatever reason, Web Editor Megan and I have been professing our love for mayonnaise with frequent fervency of late. But also, my pants are tight. We’ve got hockey clinics every Friday through the summer, soccer Saturdays, a park with tennis courts just up the road and a stationary bike in the spare bedroom that lets us exercise while we play Tetris. (Yes, original Nintendo.) We even go to Gecko’s every Monday after boxing for seared tuna and salad.


But we also have Nancy’s Magnificent Palace of Pork 20 feet away, and for some reason I can’t stop thinking about grilled cheese. CCB made Guinness ice cream this weekend, scooped atop double-chocolate cake. The battle continues.


(For the record I just had green beans and brown rice at 9:30 a.m. I do what I can.)


(I also just had a Milano cookie, dammit.)


I could write about sports superstitions, how otherwise sane individuals succumb to impulses like picking the underwear with the best goals-against average and shouting at the cat to get back on top of the designated jersey during the third period penalty kill. The powerlessness of sports fandom does funny things to you.


Yes, I could write about sports superstitions, but…well, let’s just say somebody is doing quite well right now in the playoffs and there’s another game on Wednesday, and, y’know, I don’t want to muck with the universe on that one.


…*knock on wood.*

Cat magic.

I could write about this weekend’s Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/Mother’s Day holiday trifecta—and my, what an interesting trio of events to join together. In my world, this calls for a cocktail involving tequila, bourbon, vodka…mint. With a twist. But that sounds like a bad idea. A better idea, apparently, would be inviting my parents over to watch the horse race on Saturday with 15 of our closest friends. But I have a feeling that’s going to wind up being next week’s blog topic.


I could write about bugs, the beach, the joys of Rage Against the Machine during morning traffic and the merits of an afternoon walk, no matter the weather. I could write about any of these things. And, I guess, I kind of just did.