Organizing my schedule is (like pretty much anything else to me) a sport. Sometimes you have to sit back and pick your moments as the action swirls around you; be prepared for an opportunity, but don’t lunge in or try to take matters into your own hands, or you’ll wind up missing the play. Other times you have room to be proactive and make something happen.


As season dwindles and summer comes, my schedule-making is shifting away from the former, disciplined, defensive strategy and into creative, make-something-happen, offensive mode. Full disclosure: In soccer, for 15 years, I played sweeper, the last line of defense (before the goalie). After all that time reading and reacting, the creative responsibilities of an offensive position don’t come easy to me—not to mention that it calls for a certain kind of patience. Put me on the field at forward and I feel like I have to run after every single thing—which works for about a minute and a half before my lungs explode.


Still with me? Yeah, sorry.


Anyway, with a suddenly clear schedule, I’m looking forward to scheduling a few things myself (hopefully without overbooking). Considering the main rep season basically closes this week, I’m way behind on my Asolo shows, so I snagged some seats for me, CCB and Little J to see Las Meninas Thursday night. The play hadn’t piqued my interest initially, but I can’t recall a Michael Edwards-directed production that’s disappointed; and in fact, most if not all of his shows (including Amadeus and Equus) have been transcendent experiences—just what I’m looking for from a night at the theater. (I know they’re eager to end with a bang before Las Meninas goes to Miami, so call the box office now—351-8000—if you want tickets for Thursday night, Saturday or Sunday matinees; you might be able to get a deal.) And Saturday evening we’re going to see Deathtrap with the Harribles.

I’m also looking forward to Savor Sarasota, June 1-14. That’s another window of opportunity that too easily slips by. Last year we missed our chance to go to Euphemia Haye (all booked up), so we need to plan ahead, reserve a few nights each week to trek to some restaurants, and make sure we don’t schedule anything else around those days.


Beyond that? I dunno. A few off-season shows to look into, a day trip or two, some mountain-biking, beach-going, Slip-‘n-Sliding summertime exercise and maybe a couple of home projects. For the time being, I’ve got the ball, so I’m going to see what I can do with it.