Took Ma and Pa to a Marauders game last Thursday. Walked through our neighborhood, there and back, and ate hot dogs and popcorn. Not sure why, in all our casual dinners together, it never occurred to me to schedule a McKechnie family outing, but I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.


Ma and Pa take in the game.

What better way to spend a Friday night than at home in your PJs, making Jell-o shots and watching Slings & Arrows? (Dear Lord, that sentence should be on my tombstone.)

Another successful Kegtacular came and went Saturday, with nary a broken bone to show for it. (I did, however, punch Krazy Kevin in the throat—and he has apologized profusely for making me do that.) Mrs. Harrible’s request that all foods include alcohol resulted in an excellent culinary spread: Beer cheese dip and pretzels, tequila-lime barbecue wings, Bailey’s chocolate cookies and, from CCB and me, vodka sauce with Jack-and-Coke beef wontons. (This is not your college’s kegger.)

Sunday’s championship hockey game did not go well, but considering the Revolution had a losing record, we’re trying to concentrate on how surprised we were that we made the finals at all. There’s always next season…two weeks from now…

Boxing Monday as usual. Our trainer, an affable 20-year-old who entertains our notions of learning the sport, may have ulterior motives—I think his special “sparring sessions” just happen to arrive when he’s having a particularly bad day. Hello, my name is Hannah and I’m a punching bag.

CCB’s birthday was on Tuesday. I found myself with an odd collection of gifts for him, ranging from a tennis racquet-shaped bug zapper to passes to Mote Aquarium (for the penguins). Solution? A “follow the rhyming clues to find your next present” scavenger hunt, natch. My personal favorite was the couplet directing him to the laundry room, where he would find a T-shirt and gift card for Old Salty Dog: “I know you like some massive wiener—/ Your dirty mind needs laundry cleaner.”

Had my first Scores experience Wednesday. CCB and I have been on the lookout for good Bradenton sports bars more and more since his cousin’s pronounced (and growing) MLB success. With so many baseball games going on at any given time, there’s scant chance we’ll get the one we want at home, but that’s not quite enough motivation to purchase the MLB cable package. What’s disappointing, though, is when self-proclaimed “sports bars” don’t get the package, either. (I’m glaring specifically at a couple places north of the river with whom I have a beer/hate relationship.) Anyway, Scores on 53rd is a good one to add to the list.

…which brings us back to Thursday, when the arrival of the Charity Register and tonight’s launch party have made my life all abuzz with nonprofitry. Wine and warm thoughts tonight should be a good way to kick off a perfectly unbooked three-day weekend. Happy September, everyone.