I’m trying to figure out how to transition my usual weekly ramblings into a focused, health-oriented blog. But…no dice this week: It’s all beer and cheese.


Mr. Beery’s often hosts beer-and-cheese pairings, but last week’s twist--grilled cheese sandwiches--had CCB drooling in anticipation for weeks. Alas, it turns out, it wasn’t just the anticipation: CCB also developed an abscessed tooth that was at its peak of painfulness the night of the event. Still, Beery’s beers paired with gourmet grilled cheese by Pure Indulgence Catering made for a great Tuesday. Check it out:



Gouda, outmeal stout-caramelized bacon, fried red tomato and bechamel sauce, paired with Brookly Brown Ale. 

Mozzarella made from raw Indiana Amish milk, pesto, Italian herb garlic bread, paired with an IPA.

Oatmeal stout cornbread, cream cheese with jalapenos and corn, pepper jack and cheddar, paired with Blithering Idiot barleywine.

Cinnamon sugar French country toast, brie, goat cheese with lemon curd, apple-pear jam, paired with Storm King Stout.

(By the way, Mr. Beery’s Mark bears, to me, an interesting resemblance to FNL’s Billy Riggins. Which leaves me with one question: Where might we find Sarasota’s version of Tim Riggins?)


Plus we had a veggie burger tasting Monday, and the National Philanthropy Day luncheon Tuesday, an upcoming Libby’s menu tasting, and an ever-growing pile of free beer/free appetizer/free brisket sandwich coupons from Lee Roy Selmon’s weekly “Club 63 Pick ‘Em” football contest.


Desperately clinging to the hockey/soccer/boxing regimen to counteract the Season of Gorging. And Thanksgiving’s coming soon, gateway to a month of shopping and eating. But more about that next week…