One word to describe our Friday foray into the Gulf: heavenly.


Not sure if I mentioned that the daylong kayak rental was among my birthday presents from CCB this year--I just had to pick a date, and since my birthday is early August, we knew we'd have to wait until the weather lifted. And my was Friday uplifting: Cool, but still warm enough that waves and paddle drips were welcome; plus gorgeous sunlight and mostly calm, clear water.

We dropped in at the end of Columbus Blvd. and paddled south, failing at first to follow the crescent shoreline (and so finding ourselves farther out than planned). We fought the wind and current all the way down to Point of Rocks--so worth it. The water was so clear you could count the rocks 10 feet below, and the sunlight made the water around the point a glowing, gorgeous green. Again I say: heavenly.

Then we let ourselves coast all the way with the wind at our backs, staying just close enough to the shore to hear people playing in the waves.

Taking a camera (stuffed in a Ziploc sandwich bag) was a pain, but I'm so so happy I did:


Hi, I'm a dork.

Happy Hannah, with the country's No. 1 beach in the background.


So, so clear.



Funny side note: CCB, who underestimates his swimming abilities, was a bit tense about the whole trip. Looks mighty peaceful here, though.


A quick stop on the beach to get our toes in the sand.

Late afternoon, kayaks at rest.