Where do you live? Moving Money




Are you moving your money to a small independent bank or credit union?
[22] Yes
   [3] No

What is Sarasota’s attitude toward Occupy Sarasota?

[3]        Enthusiastic
[13]      Moderately supportive
[8]        Apathetic
[1]        Don’t know


“I moved my money when Bank of America foreclosed on my son and his family in Michigan. They refused to work with him after his layoff.

What is your employment status?

[15]       Employed
[8]        Retired

[2]        Unemployed

Do you believe in capitalism?

[21] Yes
[2] No  
[2] Undecided

Why are you here today?
No. 1 reason: To protest against the undue national influence of corporations and wealthy 1 percent.

Who is to blame for the nation’s economic woes?

Don’t know: 1%
Voters: 16%
Politicians: 27%
Banks and financial institutions: 31%
Corporations: 25%

Who are you supporting for president?

[12]       Undecided

[7]        President Obama
[3]        Ron Paul
[1]        Republican
[1]        Whoever challenges Obama in Vermont
[1]        No one

This survey was conducted during Occupy Sarasota’s protest against big banks in November.