OK, to be honest, I’m not planning on a health-centered Valentine’s celebration. When, for various past romantic occasions, CCB has treated me to truffle butter filet mignon, cheese fondue and my mother’s spaghetti carbonara, I’m not about to suggest that we go for a run instead.
But in case you’re as dedicated to your fitness regimen as you are to romance, here are some suggestions for keeping your calories down and your heart rate up on V-Day.
Edible Arrangements: Nothing says “I love you” like several times your RDA for potassium, folate, niacin, dietary fiber and vitamins A, C and K. It’s like a bouquet that fuels your morning run. (Or, y’know, other fitness activities.)
Kayaking: Any time you can get out on the water can be a time for romance, and for date night, you can always up the ante with a sunset or moonlit paddle. (Warning: Do not try for a cutesy kayak-to-kayak kiss—you’ll wind up keel-hauling yourself if you’re not head-butted out cold first.)
Ice skating: OK, probably not like local Olympians Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig. And probably not the kind of mad-dash-through-small-children sprint-skating that some of us prefer at public skate sessions. This couples activity is almost better if one or the both of you is a novice on the ice. What is it about seeing your lover with newborn-giraffe legs that goes straight to the heart? You’ll hold hands and hug, laugh and tumble together as you try to keep your balance in tandem. Plus, you get to warm each other up afterwards…
Intercourses cookbook: You may not believe in the power of aphrodisiacs, but this is the day to pretend—especially when so many supposed aphrodisiacs are good for you in more ways than one. Think asparagus, figs, salmon, artichokes and more. And whether you want to treat your love to a fabulous meal or sauté side by side, there are plenty of good courses here.


Singing Valentines: What with music being the food of love and all, Chorus of the Keys’ barbershop quartet Valentines are like a four-course meal. Plus, music is a natural stress reliever, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and all-around mental health boon. (See also: comedy.) (Here too.)
Volunteering: Spread the love. A generous heart always gets people in a romantic mood, and around these parts, there are countless opportunities to contribute to charity as a couple. (But perhaps none is more romantic than hugging a puppy.)