Wednesday evening: Judi Gallagher and Web Editor Megan looked at me over a pepperoni-and-bacon pizza and a basket of garlic knots as I stuffed yet another Chicago-style hot dog bite in my mouth, the last in six hours of hot dog tastings. “Isn’t your blog supposed to start focusing on health now?” they asked.
“Yeah,” I told them.
I pondered the question over a pitcher of Bud Light.
Upcoming Sarasota Magazine website changes include a theme-switch in the blog so that it bears more resemblance to my health column in print. Not that you necessarily have to practice what you preach, but I’d say any associations between me and health lean more to “fitness” than they do to “nutrition.”
But aside from occasional (well, OK, “regular”) (…er, “frequent”?) sodium-filled, calorie-crazy restaurant forays, I’m decently aware of my diet. In fact, Thing 2 just asked for an update on our garden—“That’s right!” I thought. “We have a garden!” And everything’s sprouting up quite nicely. The pole beans have begun latching onto their poles, squash and cucumber powering out of their mounds. It’s amazing what regular watering and even a little fertilizer can do. The onions look a bit shy, which sucks, because onions would be my favorite and most useful garden yield, but we’ll see. CCB’s even got a strong and varied crop of herbs coming in, too. I want to be one of those people who, in search of dinner inspiration, looks to the back yard first.
Unfortunately, we’re not sure how much of the garden yield we’ll get to reap. Landlord wants his house back, so there’s a big move looming. We’re still looking for the next digs, but at least it’s a buyer’s market. This could turn out pretty well, in the end. (For the time being, however, it’s a bit stressful.)
Also, a CPAP update: The sleep apnea machine is getting more tolerable. I’ve managed to use it on a regular basis (and I stopped shedding it unconsciously), and I will say the effects are immediately noticeable—I feel like I’ve been sleeping deeper, longer, with more dreams and less tossing and turning. The funny thing is, without the machine, I usually feel like I sleep not great, but consistently through the night; if I wake up, it’s only barely and not for long. With the machine, I sleep hard, but I also wake up all the way, even in the middle of the night. And that’s when I become aware of the machine all over again and have to negotiate with myself to keep it on.
So I might be a hot dog-eating heavy snorer, but at least I’m making headway.