Mangoes are everywhere at the moment, and entirely too delicious. For breakfast I’ve been making mango smoothies with fresh Thai coconut meat and milk, a touch of fresh lime juice and a handful of ice...YUM!
But there’s something about a mango margarita that just fits the summertime vibe. Since we’re all about style here at Fashion IQ, be sure to serve it in a fabulous glass, and with a touch of garnish.  By the way, if you’re serving more than two, this is one of those recipes that doubles easily (no changing your math, etc.), and remember: The better the ingredients, the better the drink.
Here’s my version of this cool cocktail:


3 oz.  tequila (my fave is Sauza Silver, made from fresh blue agave)
1 oz.  Triple Sec liqueur
2 oz.  filtered water
2-3    mangoes, peeled and seeded
Splash of Cointreau
Splash of fresh lime juice
Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
Add ice to create your desired consistency
Optional: Add vanilla sugar* to taste. (Or your brand of azúcar will do – vanilla sugar recipe to follow.) If you’re a big vanilla fan, note that I put in ½ vanilla bean and it was delish. Just gives your margarita some black speckles…
Garnish: Mint or lime slice on the rim
Voilà – happy summer!
Vanilla Sugar:
So simple!  In a 48oz container or Florida sugar add three vanilla beans and let sit for thirty days. You will love this in everything from your coffee to chocolate chip cookie recipe!