From fitness to first aid, there's an app for that.

Eat right, work out, live healthy. Worthy goals, but if you need advice, who ya gonna call? Your smartphone, of course. Today's mobile technology offers apps that can help keep your body a well-oiled machine. There's even a Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System iPhone app to guide you to local physicians, locations and services. Here are a few more options for high-tech healthy living. Most are cross-platform.


Whole Foods Market Recipes
This tasty app provides gourmets, gourmands, vegans, vegetarians, dieters and allergy sufferers the perfect recipes to meet their needs. Φ Π

Who grew this food? What's in it? How nutritious is it? This app answers your foodie fanatic questions with a scan of a product's bar code. Φ Π

Beer Gut Fitness
Say good-bye to your expanding Homer Simpson belly. This drinking companion will tell you when it's calorically cool to drink a brew, how many, and how much you'll need to sweat to work it off. Φ Π 

Weight Watchers Mobile App
This user-friendly calorie calculator tracks the calories you consume and tells you how to burn them off. Richard Simmons not included. Φ Π 



The complexities of healthcare can make you ill. This app locates area physicians, puts you in touch with care providers (and tells you how to talk to a human), checks insurance claim status, and tells you when to whip out your insurance card. Φ Π 

First Aid
Somebody's hurt. Even a well-stocked first aid kit won't tell you what to do. This life-saving app does. Φ Π 

Pocket First Aid & CPR
Jive Media's first-aid app comes with printable hyperlinks and a CPR guide. Φ Π 

Medicinal Herbs
Looking for a dose of nontraditional herbal supplements? This app offers cross-referenced advice on herbs and botanicals that are good for what ails you. Φ Π 



Nike Training Club
Think of it as a personal trainer who lives inside your smartphone. Enter your fitness targets and it will create a personalized program. This "club" has versions for men and women. Φ Π 

Fitness Buddy
This buddy offers more than 1,000 specific exercises and 45 workout routines tailored to your aims. Helpful animations show you how it's done. It will also track your progress and target specific muscle groups. Φ Π 

Workout Coach
This app logs the pursuit of your fitness target and cardio history. Its workout charts get just a little bit harder with each session. Smart coach. Π 

Brainwave Tuner
The theory is you can retrain your brainwaves with a series of binaural tones. Tune in, turn on your alpha waves, and get happy! Φ Π 


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Φ iPhone