By Robert Plunket

2024 Clematis St.

The category of “diamond-in-the-rough” has always been my favorite when it comes to real estate. I love a run-down old house with a lot of character, and if it’s perfectly located and cheap, so much the better. Here are two I’ve had my eye on. They are, oddly enough, right on the same block.

Living room.


2024 Clematis Street was built in 1946, and while it may be a little difficult to see past its lopsided facade, the interior has a lot going for it—for a remodeler/restorer, anyway. Very nice wood floors, corner china hutches, an OK remodeled kitchen, and an almost-intact original bathroom that's practically worth buying the house for. Best of all, it’s nice and bright and sunny.



There are problems to solve, to be sure. You’d have to pull both facades together, since the front looks out of sync and the back is just plain sad. I have no idea what shape the roof and mechanicals are in. But it’s on a very large lot near Southside Village, in what I keep saying will soon become a very hot neighborhood. If it were a couple of hundred of yards to the west—in other words, just west rather than east of the Trail—it would cost three times as much. And it’s cute—or potentially cute. By the way, it’s bank owned and priced at $99,000. Call Re/Max Tropical Sands at 941-349-3460.

2084 Clematis St.

And right down the street is 2084 Clematis, built three years later in 1949. It’s in better shape and has a tremendous amount of wood paneling inside—on the walls, the ceiling, everywhere. The kitchen is particularly nice, with granite counters and glass-doored cabinets, plus some interesting—though not vintage--tile work. It also has a second bath, hard to find in a house of this age and size (it’s got 1,200 square feet). Again, there's a large yard that’s fenced.

Living room.



It’s a short sale and has been on the market for over a year. I have no idea what this means. The current price is $132,000. Call Pat Taylor of Coldwell Banker (941) 921-4434 for more information.