By Chelsey Lucas


Lauren Camille and Reggie
November 24, 2012
Longboat Key Club & Resort


How did Reggie first catch your eye?
During our first year in medical school in anatomy lab. I realized he kept visiting our team’s station quite often during dissection. The location was grim and morbid, and if it weren’t for his frequent visits checking in on us with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eye, I may not have gotten through it. Surprisingly, when our relationship deepened, I learned that I had caught his eye before that when an undergraduate in Miami. Reggie was visiting a friend, one of my roommates, and he saw me in the apartment. After beginning medical school, he recognized me and began to pursue me.




How did Reggie propose?
On April 8, 2012, when we got back to Miami after spending a week in Colorado with my family (where he asked my father for my hand in marriage), Reggie picked me up at 5:30 in the morning to attend an Easter sunrise service on the beach. The service was beautiful, filled with music, and we were surrounded by gorgeous scenery with the sand, the waves, and the sky painted with different colors. After the service, Reggie asked that we take a walk. On the way, he began talking about how much he treasured our relationship, and then he stopped, kneeled in the sand in his dress pants, and asked me to marry him!


Your wedding was a blending of cultures. Can you describe some of the personal touches that made your day unique?
Our wedding was a blending of cultures, as my background is Christian/Puerto Rican/Jewish and his is Christian/Haitian. We decided to have the ceremony outside by the Longboat Key Marina. In line with Jewish traditions, we were married under a chuppah, and a minister conducted the wedding and incorporated our Christian faith as a theme throughout the ceremony. In addition, we decided to do a sand ceremony symbolizing the blending of our very different backgrounds together.


Why did you choose Thanksgiving weekend for your wedding?
We wanted a holiday weekend where more people were off of work and more likel able to join our celebration. We were excited to be able to have an extra special Thanksgiving with lots of family present. Family is so important to both of us, and to be surrounded by family for several days was a dream come true. It also was a major plus that November happens to be a time where the weather is perfect in Sarasota.


Tell us why you chose the Longboat Key for your wedding and what the planning process was like.
I knew we wanted the wedding outside surrounded by water, but not necessarily at the beach. After looking at several different venues, I fell in love with the Marina at Longboat Key for the ceremony. Not only is it surrounded by water, but also by lush greenery. We served cocktails in a small, Mediterranean-style courtyard next to the ceremony site that opens out to the marina. The ballroom for the reception exuded elegance and, most importantly, had a beautiful, large, wooden dance floor. As an additional plus, the room had windows with a view of the marina. Everyone at Longboat Key Club—and all our vendors—were accommodating and helpful in making our vision for our wedding a reality.


What was the most memorable aspect of your wedding for you and Reggie?
If I had to choose the most memorable aspect, I would have to say after the wedding ceremony, after Naomi, the photographer, had taken us to the beach to get some bride/groom portraits, we had a moment when we were waiting for Nicole to tell us it was time for us to come into the reception, and time slowed down; it gave us a moment to remember the ceremony and anticipate the reception. Time flew on our wedding day, so to have the gift of ten minutes to reflect, and to enjoy the fact that we were actually husband and wife, was a treasure.



Wedding planner: Nicole Kaney/NK Productions
Photographer: Naomi Chokr 
Venue: Longboat Key Club & Resort
Florist: Flowers by Fudgie
Draping and lighting: Affairs in the Air
Band: J Love Party Band
Ceremony Music: Musical Rendezvous
Video: The Cinematic Moment

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