Here’s a real piece of Sarasota history—a downtown cottage, over 100 years old and just a half block from the Ritz. It’s a live/work situation and it’s reasonably priced ($389,000)—though it does need some work.






This is the way downtown used to look—block after block of unpretentious cottages and bungalows, dotted here and there with a larger structure. The bayfront was a short stroll away, plus shopping and movies on Main Street. Actually, that’s pretty much the way it is now, but the little houses have been replaced by commercial structures and apartment buildings.



This particular house is currently being used as an office, but it’s pretty big (almost 1,800 square feet, with three bedrooms and three baths). Judging from the photos, it still has a lot of nice original details—wood floors, paneling, and some very cute green bathroom fixtures. A wheelchair ramp has been added, which really doesn’t help the appearance of the façade, and the porch has been enclosed for office space, but these things would be easy to fix—unless, of course, you’re in a wheelchair.

During the boom these places started disappearing like crazy. But there are still a couple left. This one just came on the market. Grab it while you can. The address is 1275 2nd St.; for more information call Hembree and Associates at (941) 951-1776.

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