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Center for Building Hope Celebration of Hope


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Connor, Angela and Brian LongMarie Borsellino, James Fiorica and Angela LongKathye Faries, Jim BraunClaudia and Alan Porter, Patti and Joe CorcoranJustis Ledney, Joe FuenteyCaryn Silver, Gray Swor, Linda Vernon, Michelle BraultCaryn Silver, Gray Swor, Linda Vernon, Michelle BraultBill Partridge, Jon Yenari, Maggie and Steve TabanoMurf KlauberDebbie Partridge, Lynn Soussou, Karen HamadAli ShayganIssam and Lynn Soussou (Honorary Chair)Bruce Berg, Bruce FleeglerJan Mauck, Gwen McKenzie, Caryn Silver, Russell NovakJerry Lavin, Kate and Dave Shaver, Kelley LavinNoelle Haft, Ali ShayganGinny and Wally CampLuis Chu, Joe BilikLaurel Healy, Julie Brady, Sandee GrossmanGreg and Kristin Elwell, Steve Knopik, Michael CarlsonLydia and Jack CornSally Wright, Robert Kohnen, Sheri WeinsteinBambi Kaine, Angela LongLarry Silverman and Winston Barzell


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