A mix of fuchsia rose petals and sugar-fine Longboat Key sand lined the white aisle leading to where Jodi Ewart and Adam Shadoff exchanged their wedding vows.

The worn wooden sign that stood before a sea of white fold-up chairs declared in a white loopy script, “Today Two Families Become One. So Pick a Seat, Not a Side.”

Exactly 120 guests, hailing from as far as the bride’s home country of England, waited eagerly for the ceremony to begin. The wedding was nearly 10 months in planning, according to the couple’s wedding planner Nicole Kaney at NK Productions Wedding Planning.

As an LPGA Tour player, Jodi is often away from home, which meant that Adam, the local sports anchor at SNN-6 TV, had to take the reigns for some of the wedding planning process.

























“I like to think I wasn’t a ‘groomzilla,’” Adam jokes. He said the vendors got a kick out of working with the groom instead of the bride.
The thing about Adam, Nicole says, was that he was “very, very organized.”

“Some of the brides come from a more emotional side,” Nicole explains. “With the groom, it was a little less emotional and more about organization—making sure Jodi’s vision came across.”

That vision was one of “beach elegance,” which was mirrored in numerous details--including the tasteful wardrobe selection of the bridal party.
The five bridesmaids were draped in pink knee-length dresses, which complemented the groomsmen, who sported sand-colored suits and pastel-pink ties.












Adam said, “Even though it was winter, we thought a light-colored suit would work well on the beach. We’re rule-breakers.”
Nicole explains that the combination of pink ties and fuchsia rose petals added a touch of color to the ensemble without being overwhelmingly feminine.

“Adam and Jodi both have really great style, and Adam had a lot of input,” she says. “But Jodi loves pink!”

And the finishing touch to the men’s beach-chic look? Flip-flops.

“We always knew we wanted to get married actually on the sand,” Adam said, “and you don’t wear dress shoes and a tuxedo on the beach.”
Jodi and Adam wanted the wedding to reflect their easygoing personalities without depreciating the significance of the event.

“We’re laid-back, casual people in general and wanted that same kind of feeling, but with a touch of formal, ‘you’re at a wedding’ feel as well,” Adam said.











A photobooth stocked with amusing props at the wedding reception kept the fun memories flowing, while a buffet of the couple’s favorite foods ensured that the meal remained comfortable and fuss-free.

“We wanted some seafood and a Florida feel to the food so guests would really know where they were. We got a lot of compliments,” Adam said.
In lieu of a wedding cake, the couple opted for a multitiered tower of cupcakes from Pastries by Design in an assortment of flavors and colors.
Nicole said opting for cupcakes and cake pops at the wedding reception has become pretty popular with her clients recently.












“They were pretty unique cupcakes,” Nicole says, “and these were a big hit!”

Adding to the ambiance was The Leonard Brothers, a popular six-person band based out of Orlando. The band kept a string of Top 40 hits playing all night long.

“We wanted a more upbeat, new, fun party dance music,” Adam said. “We didn’t really have many traditional wedding standbys.”

One of Adam’s favorite moments from the evening was when the incredibly fitting “American Boy” song by British singer Estelle played during the couple’s introduction as Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shadoff.

But what was the most memorable moment of all, according to Adam?

“I’ll never forget watching Jodi come down the aisle when I first saw her,” he said.