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As a Florida native, I began my website, Authentic Florida over two years ago in search of "real" and authentic Florida. For me, that means adventures through Florida while enjoying the simple and delightful life. I love visiting a real fishing village, the stillness of a kayak ride through the coastal mangroves, a winter hike through the Florida Everglades, a trip to an unspoiled island with miles and miles of shells or a refreshing swim in a bubbly spring.

I also like to discover fun, inexpensive ways to incorporate Florida into my everyday life. I share Florida recipes and ideas for eating well, gardening tips, home décor suggestions and interesting books while blogging about living a joyful Florida life.

What is Authentic Florida?

It's a feeling, a beauty, a stillness, a knowingness, a funkiness, a simplicity, an elegance, a ridiculousness, a collection – every color in the rainbow.

Florida is a combination of the rag-tag red-haired freckled-face girl with mismatched socks and the sophisticated Vassar college graduate – it has always been a little of this and that.

But Authentic Florida will always be one thing: ORIGINAL. Come join me as we discover what makes it so.

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Robin Draper 1 thumbnailFlorida native Robin Draper is the owner of, a travel and lifestyle website devoted to the simple and delightful pleasures of Florida living. Reclaiming her authentic Florida heritage has become her life passion and inspirational compass. Draper’s book, Authentic Florida, is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


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