gojisnackOK, this raw food blog is for those of you who want a grab-'n-go, no-prep-required snack that can power you through a workout, fuel you post-workout or live in your desk drawer for those nagging afternoon cravings.

I am obsessed with the Navitas Naturals Cacao Goji Power Snack. So much so there’s always a handful Ziplocked in my bag.  They're raw and made from the most nutrient dense superfoods like cacao, maca, chia seeds and camu berry, which means they're laden with pure plant energy that’s sustainable--so no sugar spikes. I particularly love these with coconut water after a yoga or Pure Barre Sarasota class.  And they can be found in Whole Foods in a couple varieties.



How It's Fuel:



Maca comes from the root of a herbaceous plant native to the high Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru. It’s an incredible adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress, combat fatigue and energize naturally without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.


Chia Seeds

Chia is the Mayan word for "strength."  These little seeds are loaded with omega fats, protein, antioxidants and fiber.  And they absorb liquid, which aids hydration and will make you feel full.


Camu Berry

The camu berry has earned the nickname “nature’s vitamin pill.” It’s a potent source of vitamin C, as much as 60 times more C per serving than an orange. This antioxidant-rich berry from the Amazon is also a plentiful source of potassium, calcium, protein, beta carotene, amino acids and powerful phytochemicals.

Raw Cocoa

Naturally caffeinated raw cocoa serves as a physical performance boost before a workout or after a tough one for recovery assist. It’s loaded with protein and fiber so it’s filling, as well as potassium and multiple B vitamins.


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